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Some articles about BINDELS.

German beer in PEROU.

The most important breweries begun and owned by germans are the "Compañía Nacional de Cerveza" later known as " Pilsen Callao" and the "Cervecería Alemana" which changed its name to "Cervesur".

The first brewery established officially in the city port of Callao in 1863 though it seems was producing before that date by the German Citizen Fredrich Bindels who in 1869 sold it to the Alsacian Alois Kieffer.

In the following years this beer won prices in Lima (1872 and 1876) and Paris (1878).

After Kieffers dead in May 1888 his wife and children tried to keep the company working but finally in 1902 it was sold to a group of Peruvian and Italian investors.

"Pilsen Callao" was a simbol of Peruvian good brewery untill in 1994 when all it shares were sold to Backus and Johnston...

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