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Help about the family tree.

Here some additional explanations which will surely help you with better understanding of certain elements.

First of all, for confidential reasons, I hid the places and dates of birth for the still alive persons.

For the dates of wedding, I post only these data when these dates are older than 50 years or more.

When you see a name of anybody in the form like "Mathias !Joseph Bindels", the "!" means that the first name preceded by the exclamation point is that, by which one called the person. So, in this case, Bindels Mathias was called Bindels Joseph.

 Links and navigation.

In all the pages, a click on the name of a person returns you towards the page which mentions the known details of this person, such as "place, date of birth, spouse, parents, children..." etc.

In "tree descending" the (down arrow  ) allows you to navigate downwards in the aborescence (vertical navigation in the page).

In "ascending tree" the (up arrow  ) allows you to navigate upwards in the arborscence.
All persons are available in this tree structure for navigation but the central person is my daughter "Bindels Christine Myriam Marie" on the first level (Sosa 1).
A backward navigation to the central person is always possible by clicking on the icon

 The people in direct line have a number of sosa represented by a , whereas the others have a SOSA number equal to 0.
For the latter, you can always go up the tree structure by clicking each time on the up arrow of the father or the mother.

This scrollbox  lets you return to one of the preceding consulted persons in the ascending or descending tree.

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