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Meaning of the surnames 

 Are concerned, the most representative families in the family tree.

A clear explanation on this subject does not seem obvious, and like often in genealogy, it is necessary to be based on assumptions.

Let us start with the principle that the name "BINDELS" is often associated with names such as, BINDL, BINDEL, BINDLER, BINDNER, German BINDER or "French BINDELIN".

For this last it is mentioned that this surname is the diminutive of BINDEL, itself derived from German Bind(e), with the meaning of circle of barrel, see the probable nickname of a cooper.

If it is considered that these associoations of names are exact, one can deduce from it that the german name of BINDER (mittelhochdeutscher Berufsname) about 1267 was the name of the profession "Faßbinder", cooper in french, and thus to deduce, that the reasoning seems extremely probable.


Name of anybody of origin Germanic, RODLIN (Hrodilin, diminutive formed on hrod = glory). Alternative : Rolin.

For ROLLINGS for example, one finds the definition of "Son of ROLLIN", a diminutive form of Rolf, of the old Roul or Rou in french, often latinized like Rollo.

Rolf has its origins in the germanic elements hrod=fame and wolf.

In the german Duden one finds associations such as ROLLMAN, ROLL, RÖLL, ROLLE and ROLLINGER.

As meaning one finds there whereas it would act of a surname born of a shortened form of a name of call ROLLO starting with hruod


For BECHER, it acts of a German name which can have two senses: either that which makes cups, mugs (German Becher = cup), alternative BECHERER, or to say that which produces or sells pitch (mean-high-German (p)(b)ech = pitch).

In certain cases, it can also be a question of an alternative of BECKER (about 1309) - BÄCKER (= baker).

With BECKER it becomes already more precise, because it is a name of trade, the baker. One finds with the same sense the name Beck. Origin: the verb backen (= to cook with the furnace).

Finally, for BECKERS one mentions a Flemish name with S of filiation formed on Becker (= baker).

(to come)


Name of anybody of germanic origin BRAND(O).

Name resulting from a name indicating a place "fire" or like a shortened form, the call name of "Hildebrand" de Brande (about 1240), de Brant (about 1280), dicto Brant (about 1332).

In all the teutonic dialects "brand" means to burn; also a sword, but rather of its glare of flutter.

Name (porbably a name of profession) indicating the place where the fuel was obtained, maybe, where it burned, or then, somebody practice the profession of burner.

Alternatives: FRANS, FRANS(S)EN(S), FRANSE(S), -ing, France, -en(ne), Frach(e), Fransck, FRANZ, FRANZE(N), FRANTZ(EN), FRANDSEN, FRANTSEN, FRAENZ, FRENS(CH), FRENS(S)EN, FRENZEN.

Patronym resulting from the shortened form of the first name Francois, Franciscus, such as FRANCK / VRANGK of which it could depend too.



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