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I wish you welcome on this website.

 Why to create this website ?
Having achieved a lot of genealogic research about my family and that of my spouse, I had the impression that leaving these data at the bottom of a drawer was quite simply ridiculous.

I thus have decided to publish them on the Net.

I also sometimes paint, so discover, like and share at pleasure.....

 Two essential goals !
To share these data with you and, perhaps that you will find there some interesting information which could concern you.

For my part, the possibility to receive important information in return and who then would allow me to progress in my research...I would be infinitely grateful to you.
Here, no need to register or to pay anything, you can see all the contents for free.

 What can you find on this website ?
First of all the family tree of "Bindels" in the region of the three borders in Belgium.

It acts here, primarily of the families "Bindels" of Moresnet, Kelmis, Plombières, Montzen...etc, whose majority have a descent "Bindels originating in the south of Dutch Limbourg "and in particular of the villages and hamlets between Vaals, Gulpen until Wittem, to see, even Aachen in Germany.

Forcedly, when one begins a research on his surname, that of the spouse and of the mother is concerned as well, and, consequently families Rolin, Beckers, Lovenberg, Brandt, Franssen are well present too.

Then, my found informations concerning the meaning of these(those) surname(s), like some additional characteristics on their subject.

The distribution of it surname in our country or in others should also constitute a interesting heading.
Consequently, I let you discover this website in all tranquility and wish you a "Good surf".

Bindels Hubert - Belgium.     


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